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Monday, October 31, 2005

Another Pagan Holiday the Christians Stole

Now Playing: "Halloween" by The Misfits (1981)

Bonfires burning bright
Pumpkin faces in the night
I remember Halloween
Dead cats hanging from poles
Little dead are out in droves
I remember Halloween
Brown leafed vertigo
Where skeletal life is known
I remember Halloween
This day anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles
I remember Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Candy apples and razor blades
Little dead are soon in graves
I remember Halloween
This day anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles
I remember 
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Formulae ueteres exorsismorum et excommunicationum
Strigas et fictos lupos credere
Daemon pellem lupinam
In trunco quodam cauae
Arboris occultandum
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
The above is nonstandard Latin. Translation:
     "Ancient formulas of exorcisms and excommunications
      that witches and those made wolves believe
      I maim now the demon clothed in wolfskin
      Having to hide in the hollow of a tree
      I believe that they so can be changed."

Sunday, October 23, 2005

It’s Great Work-Out Music

Now Playing: "Wasted Again" by Turbonegro

After a little spat with the wife I decided to grab 3 shit CD’s and head to Amoeba to sell them. Once there I got $13 in store credit, just enough for 1 record. I knew it had to count…didn’t wanna waste it on a reissue or EP. Unfortunately I didn’t have my list with me and subsequently my mind went blank. So I searched the used bins for awhile and came across some worthy contenders, that is, until I remembered that there was a huge gapping hole in the “T” section of my collection. I knew what I had to buy….

I was hoping Turbonegro’s new disc, Party Animals, was going to be a return to Apocalypse Dudes and less like Scandinavian Leather (which wasn’t bad, just not as good as their previous efforts). Well, it seems Party Animals is a mix of both albums- 50% punk rock n’ roll terror + 50% glam rock horror, but all with a Norwegian twist. Anyway, I like it more than Scandinavian Leather and Epitaph are a bunch of ass clowns for not releasing it. Luckily for us, Abacus Recordings stepped in to spread the new gospel of Turbonegro all across America. I guess the band wasn’t moving enough units for those “punk rock” executives at Epitaph…’cause you know it’s all about the numbers. Fuck ‘em.

Anyway, the CD comes with a DVD of singer Hank Von Helvete showing us how to work out in the gym. Yeah, that was kind of amusing, but I think a DVD with new Turbonegro videos and gay sex acts would have been money better spent. Save that work out crap for the website.

Download: Wasted Again mp3

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tournament of Hearts

Now Playing: "Love in Fear" by The Constantines

Just a quick post on the new Constantines album, Tournament of Hearts. I think their last record was fantastic and from what I hear this new one won't bum anyone out. Is that really the album art? It's almost as bad as that pink Sunny Day Real Estate record. I guess the terrorists won...Check out Sub Pop's record release page here, where you can also download the song that's currently seducing your virgin ears. Check them out when they come through your township. Here in L.A. they're playing at the
BRADLEY INTERNATIONAL HALL...never heard of it, but it sounds charming....Oops, there's a low buzzing noise outside, gotta go.

Oct 12 - Edmonton, AB POWER PLANT
Oct 14 - Vancouver, BC RICHARD'S ON RICHARDS
Oct 15 - Seattle, WA NEUMO'S
Oct 16 - Portland, OR BERBATIS
Oct 17 - Eugene, OR WOW HALL
Oct 22 - San Diego, CA CASBAH
Oct 23 - Tucson, AZ PLUSH
Oct 25 - Denver, CO LAMIER LOUNGE
Oct 27 - Columbia, MO MOJO'S
Oct 28 - Chicago, IL LOGAN'S SQUARE
Oct 30 - Minneapolis, MN FIRST AVENUE
Nov 01 - Detroit, MI ST ANDREWS
Nov 02 - Toronto, ON OPERA HOUSE
Nov 03 - Montreal, QC LA SALLA ROSA
Nov 05 - Boston, MA MIDDLE EAST
Nov 06 - New York, NY BOWERY
Nov 08 - Brighton, UK CONDORDE
Nov 09 - Bristol, UK FLEECE
Nov 10 - Nottingham, UK RESCUE ROOMS
Nov 11 - Glasgow, ORAN MOR
Nov 12 - Leeds, UK COCKPIT


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lazy Sunny Afternoon

After getting into a shouting match with some ass-clown car salesman, the wife and I decided to take things easy yesterday afternoon....start hazy dreamlike flashback....Back in college I was preparing for a life as a photojournalist, but as I approached graduation I got scared. Afraid that I wasn't gonna be able to survive as a photographer, I got an internship at a major record label and decided to make a living with my other passion, music. Of course after a year I realized that the music industry was a sinking ship that was never gonna sail again (and that industry people are scum), so I moved on to greener pastures. But I always regretted not taking that chance with photography (cautiousness is my best/ worst characteristic).....hazy flashback disappears as we slowly come back to the present....So yesterday I grabbed the camera and decided to start shooting again. I hope this spark of creativity will light a fire under my ass and get me to do what I love again.

Asst. Colors

Sebastian Alexander

Winter Teeth

Fairy Under Water

Black Blur

Nuclear Egg

Hungry Hunter

See the Monkey


Suspended Animation

Lazy Sunny Afternoon