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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Just Like Herpes, I'm the Sore that Keeps on Coming Back!!

Now Playing- "Carry Me" by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

So there are these apartments that overlook our condo and I heard some people laughing in their living room and just having an overall good time last night. Their cheer and joy echoed throughout our courtyard and the only thing going through my head was, "Man, what I wouldn't do for a grenade right about now". Just the idea of tossing an explosive into their apartment made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If I didn't have a baby on the way, who knows what kind of mischief I would have gotten into...
My daughter- "Mama, where's daddy?"
My wife- "Daddy's some man's bitch in the big house honey."
My daughter- "Why is daddy's some man's bitch?"
My wife- " 'Cause he done fucked up and blew up some people"

Here's something else that's making me feel the love as of late; that last Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record, Abattoir Blues/ The Lyre of Orpheus. There's so much shit out right now, it's nice when a record so uplifting and real comes along. This has been on constant rotation for over a month now. I like the Lyre CD slightly better than Abattoir, but both are peachy in their own way. The gospel choir reminds me of Spiritualized and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

It appears Nick found "god", and I can sort of relate. I mean, I haven't found god (and believe me I even looked under the fridge), but my years of atheist beliefs are starting to shift to agnostic. I simply just don't know if there's a higher force or not. Too many varibles involved. Too many contridictions....anyhoo, go ahead and download these 2 songs off of The Lyre of Orpheus, and I'm going to watch that Documusical, DIG!

I never got into the Dandy Warhols and I think the Brian Jonestown Massacre had their moments, so what the hell! I got some time on my hands and it's better than what the wife is watching....Monster-in-Law!!!! The girl ain't right.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- Carry Me mp3
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- O Children mp3


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