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Friday, August 12, 2005

One of those "what does it all mean?"

Sometimes I get a little crazy when I smoke too much pot (as my last post will attest). All of the staff at D. Dagger Presents... have been rehired and given raises, which is good because they all would have probably tortured me to death. These past few weeks have been crazy/ exciting/ scary. Here's a quick recap for those with attention deficit disorder...
  • I got fired laid off from my shitty job on July 15th
  • I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and HATED it. That movie is crap.
  • The new Spoon record has some catchy moments, but overall it's just a little bit above average.
  • Found out that my beautiful wife is pregnant! I'm gonna be a daddy...watch out world, I'm breeding!!!
  • Finally got the Black Mountain CD and I LOVE it to death. I would say that I'm going to see them at this year's Sunset Junction, but I know I probably won't.
  • The A-Frames CD was also purchased, but only listened to once thus far. I think it's gonna be making a second spin very soon.
  • I start my new job on Monday and I won't update my blog while I'm at work. Pinky promise.
  • Starting this month I'm 2 years closer to 30...that's so dirty.
  • I've never been more happier than I am now, but I still hate "happy music" (i.e.- the Polyphonic Spree)

Stay tuned for my next post where I tell a tale of my recent stoned adventures in Westwood.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The new saga starts...

I've got bigger fish to fry. Screw my personal conflicts or humorous filler. A new saga is at hand for D. Dagger Presents...and if you buy it, then you might find something more than just interesting chatter. There's so much bullshit on websites and blogs nowadays. Who needs words and images when all you're looking for is the buy button?

*Feel free to browse the content of D. Dagger Presents...(Volume One). But keep in mind that all of the old staff have been informed of their exit strategies. Nothing is stable.