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Sunday, October 23, 2005

It’s Great Work-Out Music

Now Playing: "Wasted Again" by Turbonegro

After a little spat with the wife I decided to grab 3 shit CD’s and head to Amoeba to sell them. Once there I got $13 in store credit, just enough for 1 record. I knew it had to count…didn’t wanna waste it on a reissue or EP. Unfortunately I didn’t have my list with me and subsequently my mind went blank. So I searched the used bins for awhile and came across some worthy contenders, that is, until I remembered that there was a huge gapping hole in the “T” section of my collection. I knew what I had to buy….

I was hoping Turbonegro’s new disc, Party Animals, was going to be a return to Apocalypse Dudes and less like Scandinavian Leather (which wasn’t bad, just not as good as their previous efforts). Well, it seems Party Animals is a mix of both albums- 50% punk rock n’ roll terror + 50% glam rock horror, but all with a Norwegian twist. Anyway, I like it more than Scandinavian Leather and Epitaph are a bunch of ass clowns for not releasing it. Luckily for us, Abacus Recordings stepped in to spread the new gospel of Turbonegro all across America. I guess the band wasn’t moving enough units for those “punk rock” executives at Epitaph…’cause you know it’s all about the numbers. Fuck ‘em.

Anyway, the CD comes with a DVD of singer Hank Von Helvete showing us how to work out in the gym. Yeah, that was kind of amusing, but I think a DVD with new Turbonegro videos and gay sex acts would have been money better spent. Save that work out crap for the website.

Download: Wasted Again mp3

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