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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dead Cats Tell No Tales

Check out who's stealing my idea's...it's none other than the kids at Don't Shoot The Cat. I emailed them about my great kid hunting parody and the next thing I know they're stealing it. Their website has a link to this mock CNN page in the vain of the Onion. That story sounds pretty familiar doesn't it? Oh well, I guess some cat lovers don't have any creativity.

(The following is an excerpt from yesterdays emergency D. Dagger Presents... staff meeting)

D. Dagger- "Okay guys, you can all put away the guns and pipe bombs. Hey Tommy, I said put down the gun. There's been some late breaking developments with Don't Shoot The Cat. They have put up our parody on their website and the author of the CNN parody, Ythan, left a comment for us. It seems Ythan came up with the kid hunting idea a day before us."

Suzy Q- "Does this mean we're a bunch of talentless one day late losers?"

D. Dagger- "Not at all Suzy. In fact I feel that we are at the forefront of great collective thinking. We are all mentally connected in a web of progressive thought. Great minds think alike in deed."

Count Le Shok- "Does this mean we can't kill anybody? I just bought this fucking AK-47 and it cost a fortune!"

D. Dagger- "Now let's not be hasty. There's still plenty of cat killers in Wisconsin who need a little reconditioning. Lets show 'em what we got gang!

(A hush silence fell over everybody. Then bursts of laughter filled the office! The entire staff at D. Dagger Presents... went back to work on their computers daydreaming of hunter holocausts and Republican exterminations.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


My name is Ythan, I'm the author of the satirical article "Wisconsin Residents Support Feral Child Hunting Ordinance" (http://shroomery.org/ythan/kidhunt). I see you are upset because you claim this idea was stolen from you. Apparently you posted a similar satire sometime on April 13. Mine was actually posted 7:54 AM on April 12 according to the timestamp on the file. By April 13 I had created a Google Adwords account to generate some exposure and poke fun at the situation in Wisconsin. Please see:


These are screenshots to support my claims. Of course they could be doctored but I assure you I didn't go to the trouble. Honestly I don't think this is a big deal but I do take accusations of plagiarism seriously so I wanted to set the record straight. I have never heard of you or seen your blog before it was mentioned on dontshootthecat.com. Unless you stole the idea from me this is just a case of great minds thinking alike about the absurdity of cat hunting.

Best regards,


April 20, 2005 4:42 AM  
Blogger chikkity said...

I am glad to see that both creative parties accepted the ideal of collective thought and made peace! Congrats and keep up the intellect. It sure is fun to read.

April 20, 2005 11:38 AM  

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